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Reformation Day

Blessed Reformation Day!
I invited some friends and family over to our place on Saturday (29 Oct) to celebrate and learn a little about the Reformation. I had prepared a Power Point presentation with voice-over as an introduction to the Reformation. After that we watched the new Luther movie on DVD.
At first I didn’t know what to expect from them all.
I invited everyone to be there at anything from 14:00 onwards so the kids could play and swim together. At about 16:30 I started the fire for the “braai” (barbecue) and we ate at about 18:00 or so. While we ate I let them watch the Power Point presentation on my friend’s notebook connected to our 72cm TV. The presentation went down well. After watching the presentation we had some desert while the kids ate ice cream outside. After all this I set the kids up in my study to watch the cartoon movie Robots while we watched the Luther movie in the lounge.
In the end the evening went down well and I hope that it made at least some of them think about our heritage as protestant Christians!
I don’t know of any churches around our area that even mention the Reformation on Reformation Day or as traditionally done, the last Sunday before 31 Oct! It is a pity since most Christians have no idea of the history behind what we believe. Each Christian should at least have a broad knowledge of an overview of the Reformation and why it happened.
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