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Liberals seem like cowards

I am getting so sick and tired of liberals wanting to take every Tom, Dick and Sally (just to be PC!) to court over some kind of so-called religious promotion of religion (a.k.a. Christianity).
These people are such cowards that they would rather run to court, big daddy, to slap some unfortunate Christian on his wrist for promoting religion (a.k.a. Christianity) than deal with the issues in the public square. They are all for free speech, but not by Christians! They are all for promoting their anti-Christian rhetoric in the public square, but no pro-Christian rhetoric, please!
It is amazing that they are so quick to jump on the first amendment of the US constitution about “the separation of church and state” (which is a misnomer BTW), but refuses to read the next 6 words of the same amendment which says “or abridging the freedom of speech.” This freedom of speech should not be “abridged,” even on public property! They will fight for the freedom of speech for pornographers, pedophiles and other depraved and sick individuals, but not for someone who loves Jesus Christ and wants what is best for society, not the worst! When they speak of protecting “free speech” it is simply a euphemism for protecting vile and horrible acts of deviancy expressly forbidden by God. “Free speech” to them is protecting their own selfish and depraved lifestyles. It has NOTHING to do with the constitution, but has everything to do with their own egocentric, narcissistic and egomaniacal corrupt desires!
Oh, yes! They do not believe in God! Yet, if they do not believe in God, then why in the world are they so scared of Him?!
Here in South Africa in some black cultures they believe in the “tokolosh.” They believe that the Tokolosh comes out at night and climbs into their beds. Then he takes their souls and travels around with them at night and returns their souls in the morning. They believe that the tokolosh is only one foot tall and because of this many African people place their beds on bricks in order to make their beds as high as possible. Therefore, the tokolosh cannot climb onto their beds.
Now we all know (maybe the liberals don’t know this) that there is no such thing as the tokolosh. Those in the black cultures here that have come to the realization that there is no tokolosh no longer raise their beds with bricks. Now, it really amazes me that liberals who do not believe in God, will put their beds of ideas on the imaginary bricks of American runaway judicial courts!
Secretly, I believe, these people know there is a God, but they also know that if they have to acknowledge that, they would also have to start living by His decrees! That just will not do, since then they have to give up all their “wonderful” sins!
Even the film, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe,” is now taboo by some.
Just thinking

  1. 1 December 2005 at 6:34 pm

    Liberals are cowards…..until they get into large mobs, then look out, they become very dangerous and burn, loot and even kill. How do you think that murderous regimes like Stalin’s or Mao Tse Tung’s came to power? Liberals mobbed authority, and once the authority was overcome, the real evil, the kind of psychopathic evil that was Stalin and Mao takes over and the Liberals cower, too frightened to do anything to stop them.The scary thing is that what we’re seeing from them now, their anti-religious anti-capitalist hate mongering (read: class envy) is what could again lead to a leftist revolution. I see it looming on the horizon. If we in the US let the liberals take our guns, our freedom will be just a short way behind.

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