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My dictionary of words

William's dictionary!
Since I started blogging I have come up with some words that I do not think others have coined. So, I decided to list these words and their meanings. If someone else has used these words before I made them up, then forgive me, I did not intentionally claim someone else’s words as my own!

I will add to this dictionary as I think of new words to use.


  • entertainment, amusement, diversion as a result of “worship” driven by certain styles of music, rhythms and not Biblical substance;
  • the pleasure afforded by being entertained, rather than being humbled and left in awe of God, by singing in church;
  • rating “worship” as an experience as greater than focusing on God;
  • See Worship at a price (Aug 15, 2005).


  • entertainment, amusement, diversion as a result of the performance of a preacher;
  • the pleasure afforded by being entertained by a preacher;
  • See Mushy church (Feb 2, 2006).


  • to make immoral;
  • making void of any morals;
  • See GE2009 (Jan 8, 2007).


  • a charismatic preacher;
  • a preacher very good at quoting verses, but does not really know what these verses mean in their context;
  • a preacher with no solid theological foundation;
  • a preacher who does not see the importance of theology and/or proper hermeneutics;
  • a preacher that would rather preach “off the cuff” than do the proper hard work of sermon preparation and notes;
  • See A slip of the tongue! (Jan 23, 2007).


  • the changing of a person into someone who no longer lives as one with a soul;
  • an event, or series of events, that lead to a person becoming heartless in thought or action;
  • personal “evolution” into becoming a person completely devoid of morals or ethics;
  • becoming someone who could immoral, evil acts without experiencing any shame or guilt;
  • if the hoax of Darwinism was true, this would be seen as “devolution” back into a soulless animal state;
  • See The slippery slope of the ‘Pro-Choice’ mantra. (May 17, 2007)


  • a person that will build up the arguments of his ideas from any and all differing, or even opposing, philosophies of life in order to manipulate others to believe and do as he wants;
  • a person that will make a philosophical concoction from differing, or even opposing, philosophies of life in order to sustain the way he wants others to live;
  • See Fighting fire with fire? (June 7, 2007)


  • marriage between two people of the same sex/gender. A lifestyle and institution clearly abhorred by God.
  • from “sodomy’ (homosex) and marriage.
  • See Is our culture in decline? (Aug 5, 2008)


  • Satire (stories/cartoons,etc) aimed at Barack Hussein Obama, half-white/half-black, Democratic Party nomination for U.S. president in 2008.
  • See Satire aimed at Obama. (Sep 4, 2008)


  • Those who agree with Barack Hussein Obama, no matter how ridiculous.
  • Those who perceive Barack Obama as the saviour of America, or even the world. i.e. messiah.
  • Those who hurl insults at anyone who disagrees with Barack Obama, no matter how factual the disagreements are, since according to obamaniacs, the facts just confuse the issue.
  • See The Truth about Obama. (Oct 30, 2008)


  • Wanting to amputate one’s own, healthy limbs. Such people suffer from the so-called BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder).
  • See Nut jobs limb-ping! (Nov 14, 2008)


  • A person claiming to be an evangelical Christian, (1) yet is not that concerned with the truth of the gospel, (2) is more concerned with all kinds of spiritual experiences, (3) is infuenced by culture instead of being an influencer of culture, (4) with no spiritual backbone.
  • See Jesus bore witness to the truth! (Dec 11, 2008)



  • All kinds of Christmas paraphernalia that have nothing to do with the Christian concept of Christmas.
  • Paraphernalia such as Santa figurines, Christmas lights, baubles, etc.
  • See The preeminence of Santa. (Dec 19, 2008)


  • Used when you are not sure whether you should speak about the “emerging” church or “emergent” church. Those who are part of this movement like to play word tricks concerning this. In other words, symantics.
  • See Emerging bloopers. (Jan 12, 2009)


  • Homosexual lifestyle promoted by the United Nations.
  • Homosexual minority groups have infiltrated the U.N. and are using the U.N. to put pressure on nations to accept the homosexual lifestyle.
  • See Uganda will not bow to U.N.osexual pressure! – (April 08, 2009)


  • A person, who like the president of the U.S.A., Barack Hussein Obama, bows before everyone else, while those he bows to are the ones in the wrong.
  • A person, like the president of the U.S.A., Barack Hussein Obama, who grovels before everyone else with no conviction.
  • See Obama bows before tyranny and evil, unlike Reagan.


  • To be as crazy and insane as those who belong to or hold to the aberrations ideals of PETA.
  • To believe that cockroaches, flies, (insects) and animals have the same value as humans.
  • See Bunch of pe(t)anuts!
  • Discernment that has been mis-discerned, especially perpetrated by many “discernment” ministries.
  • When a person is being “discerned” to be of a certain type based on the flimsiest of evidence, ignoring a body of past work, books, sermons, etc.
  • See John Piper and the Rick Warren invitation.
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  1. 17 May 2007 at 12:57 pm

    I like inventing words too. Here’s one of them.theologypsy- a person whose theology changes conveniently over time;- a person whose theology changes depending on their company.

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