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Prophets for our profit?

It seems that the in-thing these days is to be known as a prophet! They are really coming out of the wood-work! I sometimes wonder if they listen to themselves at all?! If they had any theological savvy, they would come to realize that they speak a lot of nonsense most of the time.

With a little bit of Bible history they can avoid a lot of embarrassment!

In fact, churches that play up this type of nonsensical ministry might just avoid embarrassment for themselves!

Why do I say this? Well, a so-called prophet recognized by many as a prophet prophesied at church on Sunday. In his prophecy he spoke of the events of Joshua being 3000 years before Christ. Well, do you see the problem here?

The events surrounding Joshua’s life are about 1400 years before Christ. To put it simply, either God was wrong in His words to this prophet, or this prophet did not hear God! We know God cannot be wrong; so, it is self-evident that this man did not hear from God and neither is he a prophet!

What is so amazing is that he gave his prophecy with this factual error intact and no-one even raised an eyebrow! Of course, I did! I immediately told my wife that this “prophecy” was in error.So, in fact, the whole church was duped!

It seems that prophets are not just hanging around our churches these days. They are setting up “shop” in suburban areas too where they advertise their services. Free, of course! There is a disclaimer! “The Lord cannot help those who fail to show appreciation to the prophets he sent to help them.”

The problem with many of these profits prophets, is that they think that because they are prophets, they do not need to study the Bible at all.

No REAL prophet of God will side-line the Bible like that!

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