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NCT Friday: Common FAQ

“It is obvious that God’s laws relating to the theocracy of Israel and their sacrificial system have changed with the change from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant. But it is wrong to assume that there is some category of law (like ‘moral law’) that is unchangeable. Instead we should see that our holy God changed His holy law in many ways when He made the New Covenant. Some of these changes seem minor, like changes regarding laws about what we are allowed to eat or the kinds of plants we can plant together in our gardens. But some of these changes are enormous as we have just seen regarding what and how we give to God; His law regarding divorce; and how God wants us to view ‘holy days.'”

You can read more at the FAQ called “Commonly Asked Questions About New Covenant Theology” by Steve Lehrer and Michael Adams.

Please note that this is a link to PDF file. You will find free PDF readers at Foxit or Adobe.

First NCT Friday.
Next, NCT Friday: NCT and the Mosaic Law.

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