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John Piper’s book “Finally Alive” available online

My guess is, that if you have never heard of John Piper, then you have been living under a rock somewhere. Just kidding! But seriously, if you haven’t heard of John Piper, then you are indeed missing a whole lot.

John is one of the great preachers of our day. Now, when I mention “preacher,” I do not mean orator. There are many orators around today. Just like Barack Obama, who is a good orator, there are many in the church that are good orators. However, orators, like Obama, are very deceptive, because they can take lies, false teaching and even heresy and make it look like the truth.

No, when I use the word preacher I specifically mean it in the Biblical sense. Here you have a man that is thoroughly familiar with the Scriptures, a man able to teach well. This Biblical preacher, is doctrinally accurate and he is theologically sound. Yet, with all this knowledge he has a way of bringing across the depth of the Scriptures that makes you want more and to grow more.

That is John Piper! I have the utmost of respect for him. I have heard him preach scores of sermons and I have read many of his books. Everyone worth it!

John Piper’s new book “Finally Alive” is now available for free download online.

Apart from this book he has many of his other books available online. If you want to know what John Piper is all about, you have to read his locus classicus, Desiring God.

You can find many amazing resources at John’s ministry website, DesiringGod, which is connected to his church, Bethlehem Baptist Church. These resources include John’s books, articles, a blog, and sermons in text, audio and video. It is a one-stop spiritual haven.

Don’t just take my word for it, visit DesiringGod now!

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