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Are you contemplating retirement?

When we as humans contemplate retirement, especially those with money, we conjure up images of palm trees and long, white sandy beaches.

However, how does that fit in with 1 Cor 10:31?

"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."

The question is, How will your retirement bring glory to God? Remember, the world thinks that retirement means retirement from everything.

However, in God’s kingdom, there is NO retirement.

So, to solidify your own ideas concerning how you can bring glory to God after your retirement from your normal job, here are some resources to help you along:

  • Dr. Al Mohler A radio program (MP3) by Dr. Al Mohler addressing this issue.
  • A booklet on "Rethinking Retirement" by Dr. John Piper.
  • A conference message on "Getting Old for  the Dr. John PiperGlory of God." This includes watching the video and/or downloading the MP3 of the message.

Just as an aside, both of the men mentioned above are wonderful ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and their work is of immense value to the body of Christ!

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