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You have to hate someone a lot not to tell them about Jesus

This is the theme of Kevin DeYoung’s latest blog post called How Much Do You Have to Hate Somebody to Not Proselytize?

That is a real question for those people who claim to be Christians, yet do not believe or practice what the Bible teaches. However, it is just as much a real question to those who believe the Bible, yet do not practice its teachings.

If Christians, as the people of God, have the only message of salvation, how much responsibility do we not have to tell a world destined for hell about that message of hope and salvation.

But then, we will have to truly believe that their lives are in peril. The question is, how much do we truly believe the Bible when it speaks of the horrors of hell? Are we really convinced that people will go to hell if they do not believe in Christ? I suppose our actions declare our true convictions!

If we do believe what the Bible teaches on eternity, the question whether we love our hell-destined neighbours or not will then clearly come into focus. If we do love our neighbours as much as we claim we do, would we not prove that by taking the only message of salvation to them, in order for them to meet the Lord of life, the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ? Would we not do this so that they would escape the fires of hell, at least?

Or, do we hate our neighbours that much that we would rather see them burning in hell before we give them the life altering, soul saving message of Jesus Christ?

The question is, where do you fit in?

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