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Tips on making your blog better [31DBBB]

I have been taking part in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog project with Paul Steinbrueck. Today’s lesson is called “31DBBB Day 6: Must-Read Tips and Tutorials for Bloggers.” While the list of blogs to get these must-read tips from are quite exceptional, I am not so sure that all these tips are applicable in every situation. Which of course is an acceptable claim to make. There are very few rules that work in every environment they are tested in. If you are interested in seeing what tips are in the 31DBBB book for this lesson, I have created a Google Bookmark List for the links to these tips. I have divided the links into 5 broad categories: Blog Content, Design, Marketing Your Blog, Miscellaneous, Monetize.

RockStarz!If I counted correctly, there are 27 links to blog articles that were written to help other bloggers becoming blogging rock-stars! Just to make one thing clear, no matter how hard some try, they will never become rock-stars. My take on this is that it will be the same when it comes to bloggers. There are those that just have it, and others that don’t. However, it doesn’t mean that those who don’t should give up on blogging because they will never become blogging superstars!

The point is, just because someone does not have superstar ability in blogging, does not mean that that person should not try to excel in blogging to the best of his ability. Every Christian has something to say to this world!

Also, not every blogger is in blogging to make money or have superstar influence! The tips in the list link above should be read, understood and discerned for what they are: a base accommodation to our own vanity. Humanity is intrinsically selfish and vain, and when its ego is stroked, it will want more of it. In many cases, blogging is like that for many out there. Some have already become blogging superstars, and they check their ranking everyday to make sure they are still in the top 10 (like a body builder walking past a mirror that just cannot resist checking himself out in that mirror). It is all vanity! Others aspire to get to that point of importance! These are people that find their self-worth in the admiration and recognition of others and not in the Lord Jesus Himself. What I am trying to say is that motives are very important in trying to build a better blog and implementing the tips mentioned.

Of all the tips that these writers have mentioned a few stand out to me:

  1. Don’t clutter your blog theme
  2. Keep your font readable
  3. Make it easy to subscribe via rss or email
  4. Make it easy to comment on our blog
  5. Make it easy for people to share your content (AddThis, Share This, Twitter, etc)
  6. Comment at other blogs with similar content
  7. Use images and video
  8. Be a consistent blogger (whether daily, weekly or whatever)
  9. Respond positively to criticism
  10. Link back to those who share your content
  11. Plan and write well

Of course, there are many other tips to grow your blog into a highly read blog. Simply, read the blog articles listed in this link and see how many you could apply to your blog.

Anything that stood out to you? Let me know!

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