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How to get apologetics in your church

30 September 2010 Leave a comment

Apologetics315 has started a series on how you can get apologetics in your church. So far they have done 15 sessions and is available on their blog here. It is also available as MP3s or you can subscribe to their podcast feed.

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"The Making of an Atheist" Blog Book Tour is now underway!

15 February 2010 Leave a comment
As I announced in my previous post about “The Making of an Atheist” Blog Book Tour, Dr. Jim Spiegel has reached out to several bloggers to be part of his Blog Book Tour to promote his new book, The Making of an Atheist.
The tour has started and it will be very enlightening to read each review/interview. Here is the complete schedule:

Blog Name Blogger Date Post Content
EPS Blog Joe Gorra Feb 10-12 Interview
Cloud of Witnesses Chris Reese Feb 14-16 Interview Rich Park Feb 22-24 Review
Truthbomb Apologetics Chad Gross Feb 25-27 Review
Triablogue Peter Pike Mar 1-3 Review
Apologetics 315 Brian Auten Mar 4-6 Review & Interview
Mike Austin’s blog Mike Austin Mar 8-10 Review
The Seventh Sola Joel Griffith Mar 11-13 Review
EPS Blog Steve Cowan Mar 15-17 Review
Evangel and Teampyro Frank Turk TBD Review & Interview
Doug Geivett’s Blog Doug Geivett Mar 22-24 Interview & Giveaway
Say Hello to my Little Friend

Glenn Peoples

Mar 25-27 Review Jim Wallace Mar 29-31 Review
Just thinking… William Dicks Apr 1-3 Review & Interview
Oversight of Souls Ray van Neste Apr 5-7 Review
Constructive Curmudgeon Doug Groothuis Apr 8-10 Review
A-TeamBlog Roger Overton Apr 12-14 Review
Any changes to this schedule will be announced at Jim’s blog.

Latest books I acquired

16 January 2010 Leave a comment

It isn’t always that easy to keep up the reading pace, in fact, my reading  pace is really taking a knock! At the moment I am reading Sarah Palin’s "Going Rogue" and "Gilead" by Marilynne Robinson.

Then I have 5 books listed below that are lined up, in order that they were purchased, not necessarily the order in which I will read them, that I got as recent as today (last 2):

I just hope I can get to them soon enough. One of the reasons I take so long to read these days is because I am studying at night, and that takes up a lot of time.

Anyway, if you have actually read any of these books, feel free to leave a short review in the comments section.

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Top 15 Must Have Books On Apologetics

Michael Patton wrote a blog post on the Top Fifteen Must Have Books on Apologetics.

There are some good books in the list he gives.

Are there any books you would exclude/include?

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Latest ‘Solid Ground’ from Stand to Reason is available

The latest Solid Ground, “Ida: Missing Link, Missing Evidence“, from Stand to Reason is available.

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Evangelism Highjacked by Closet Theological Liberals

peterjones Peter Jones reports back on the National Pastor’s Conference held in San Diego and sponsored by Zondervan and Intervarsity Press (IVP).

Jones writes:

“It is amazing to see how these once faithful publishers of evangelical orthodoxy are now consistently and deliberately launching a massive but subtle attack against the ‘Fundamentals’ for which Evangelicalism stood courageously against liberalism in the past.

“While I am struck by the sincerity of the brilliant public speakers (named below), who still have evangelical piety and passion, their openly-stated theology is turning large swathes of the evangelical church into various new forms of old-fashioned though very cool liberalism.”

In his report he mentions how men like Brian McLaren and Rob Bell, speakers at the conference claimed non-orthodox theologians as their heroes. No wonder they believe sola scriptura is nonsense and that the Bible is simply a human product.

In other words, these men are not just closet theological theologians, they are actively spreading false doctrines. These men are heretics!

Continue reading Jones’ Evangelism Highjacked by Closet Theological Liberals.

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New Solid Ground available from Stand to Reason!

Stand to Reason, led by Greg Koukl, is an amazing apologetics ministry, that publishes an apologetics newsletter called Solid Ground bi-monthly.

This month’s Solid Ground is now available!

Greg writes in his new email to Solid Ground readers:

“Do you think the way Christians should encourage non-Christians in their ‘relationship with God’ is to ‘help a Hindu become a better Hindu [and] a Muslim become a better Muslim’?  For Jewish people who do not accept Jesus as Messiah, is there ‘another mode of salvation that doesn’t include Jesus’?  Can even atheists get into Heaven if they simply  ‘place their lives at the service of truth and justice’?

“Amazingly, these quotes came from significant Christian leaders and thinkers who affirm that belief in Jesus is not necessary for salvation.  Worse, the very things the Bible seems to specifically condemn (Jewish rejection of Jesus as Messiah, false religion, and atheism) were themselves identified as legitimate paths to God.

“Here’s the clincher.  More than 50% of Evangelicals, according to a recent Pew poll, would give the nod to statements like these, too.”

That is the gist of what he discusses in the new Solid round.

BTW, you will find a host of extremely useful apologetics articles at Stand to Reason.

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